Originally from Cornwall, England, I have spent half my life in USA and I come to the Bahamas after teaching in North Carolina, France and the Sultanate of Oman. My B.A. is in Spanish and Russian, from University of Bristol, U.K, and my M.A. in English from Georgia State University, Atlanta. I worked as a group travel agent and then tour guide before entering the teaching profession. My passion, or perhaps obsession, is travel. I’ve been to 100 countries scattered across all the continents and plan to pop into Armenia for lunch one day in July of 2017 to make it 101. I love sports, reading and languages. I love life and the weird, inexplicably wonderful things that happen in life, hence, I love teaching teenagers! 


I am Mr. AbdoulKarim Diallo or Karim Diallo (in short), a native of Niger (West Africa). I am a strong believer in education and I believe that every child can learn. We are all lifelong learners based on our experiences and exposure. I enjoy sports, travelling and discovering places, people and culture. I also enjoy watching movies and I have very eclectic musical tastes. My Sports that I enjoy watching include Basketball (NBA, NCAA), American Football (NFL, College games), Soccer (UEFA, British Premier League, French, Spanish, Italian and German), Tennis (ATP) and Track and Field. Places I lived or visited include Ivory-Coast (Cote-d’Ivoire), France (Paris, Normandy, French Riviera- Cote-d’Azur), United States (Florida, South Carolina), Canada (Montreal, Quebec) and visited Curacao, Jamaica, Cuba. I am married to a Bahamian and have a two year old daughter.
Teaching can be done in a variety of ways in order to be effective. Students learn best when they can connect the theoretical concept with the real-life approach (practical). I also agree that discipline must be in place prior to effective learning. In other words, order must be established in the classroom before teaching.
I intend to work closely with my administration, my peers, parents and with all my students because real success in education lies in partnership. I am very pleased to start a new educational experience with Tambearly.



A Nassau native, Ms. Finlayson is returning home after spending six years in the United States. She graduated from Wesleyan University with High Honors in Earth Science, after writing an undergraduate thesis on Tropical Cyclone reactions to the ENSO teleconnections with the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration personnel. Post-university, she went on to train as a STEM teacher in the inner-city of Hartford, Connecticut and moved on to work at the Talcott Mountain Science Center as a meteorologist and science teacher. Her interests include reading and writing about climate change and science education. She hopes to strengthen STEM education in The Bahamas.


My name is Randa Burrows; I am a native of Belize.  This little haven is the only English speaking country in Central America and the home of a melting pot of cultures. 
However, Nassau, Bahamas has been my home for the past eleven years. I still marvel at the turquoise waters, magical, orange sunsets and the rhythmic beat of junkanoo music.
I am thrilled to be a part of the Tambearly family where kindness is a cherished value.  I teach English and Science; I do my best to ensure my students enjoy learning, for I want them to continue learning throughout their lifetime.
I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English from Valdosta State University and a Master of Arts in Education/Adult Education and Training from the University of Phoenix.


I was born on the mysterious island of Andros. I was introduced to music  at C.C. Sweeting Senior High School, by the great Elizabeth Thornton and later went to UB where I was trained under  the late Barbara Yarally and Pauline Glasby.

I joined the Tambearly family in 1985, when the school was located through Queen Street, by the American Embassy. The music program was all about allowing the students to entertain. Back then, Tambearly students participated in many performances on the steps leading to the western end of Tambearly School. Performances included instrumental playing, singing and acting.  These performances eventually led me to write my first school musical, “Going To De Island”- Thus the beginning of our drama program. Since then, every year students and parents look forward to a major performance by the Tambearly family, which includes every student!

Besides teaching, I am also an entertainer, who performs for private functions, mainly in the Lyford Cay area, as well as around the Island. I am also versed in 3D animation and interactive web designing.  However, my greatest love is writing or directing stage performances/ musicals. I truly believe that being on stage helpschildren in building their self esteem and it certainly helps them to project their voices.  But ultimately, stage performance is fun!  I am always thrilled to see the looks on the many students faces while they are on stage.


Patricia Sharp

Patricia Sharp is an American artist who grew up in the farming and ranching country in southern California. She has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in printmaking and art history from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a Master’s degree in Education from Mount Vernon Nazarene University in Ohio.  

She came to the Bahamas in 2007 and for seven years was the senior art instructor at St. Anne’s Anglican School. Under her guidance and tutelage her students earned top honors and won numerous awards for their art and four times won the E. Clement Bethel National Art and Crafts Award for the “Most Outstanding School in the Bahamas” in Arts and Crafts. Her students have gone on to such prestigious schools as Savannah College of Art and Design, the Rhode Island School of Design, and Columbia College Chicago. She is currently teaching Fine Art to all Tambearly students in grades 4 through 10, and  World History to students in grade 8. This is her fourth year at Tambearly School.


David C. Sands

Many years ago and not so far away, I was born in the quaint town of Tarpum Bay Eleuthera.
Atage 13 I traveled to Nassau to attend the Government High School. After graduating, I studied Medicine at Aberdeen University, Scotland,. And then specialized in Pediatrics at McGill University, Canada.
I was a Pediatric Consultant with the Ministry of Health, and later a Pediatrician in private practice. I retired from Medicine in 2011 and since then has been a Tutor in Science and Mind sports (eg Chess)  at various schools.
I presently teach Mind Sports at Tambearly School andwill returnto also teach Science.
My interests include Astronomy, Birding, Mind Sports andRobotics.
Life is good !