Overseas School Trip 2018

The proposed Tambearly overseas trip for 2018 will be announced at the end of October, 2017. The trip is open to all students from Grade 7 up providing they are in good standing regarding attendance and grades. Accompanying parents are welcome to join the trip. As a guideline, the trip lasts about ten days. In 2018 it will take place over the first week of July. The return air fare will be approximately $1000 per person. The accommodations will cost approximately $500 per person ($50 per person per night based on double occupancy). The transport costs from city to city and within the cities (buses, trains, subways etc) will cost about another $500. So the basic fee for the trip will be approximately $2000. Money for meals and shopping would be extra.

One objective of the Tambearly overseas field trip is for the students to have an opportunity to use their foreign language skills, thus the tour will go to either a Spanish speaking country, or a French speaking country, or both. A second objective of the trip is to travel the way local people travel, so students will learn how to use local public transport systems and to savor the local atmosphere by walking the main thoroughfares. The Tambearly trip is a wonderful learning experience, but packing light and being prepared to do things the local way is a must. This is not a trip for those who want to idle their time away in a resort or poolside! There are moments of relaxation but also moments we have to step up the pace to catch the next train! Please talk to the parents who came on the 2017 trip if you feel unsure if the Tambearly travel experience is for you or your child! Are you ready for the Titans Tour in 2018?

More details will be announced regarding the 2018 trip soon, and a meeting will be held for those interested. Watch this space for more information!