Field Trips

Senior School Inter-Island Field Trip - San Salvador
The Tambearly School inter-island field trip proposed for 2016-2017 will go to San Salvador. Such was the success of the Eleuthera trip in May, 2016, that a similar approach will be taken to the San Salvador trip.

The trip is open to high school students and parents. It will depart on a Friday morning and return on Sunday evening. It will be a mixture of learning activities and recreational time. It will be an enjoyable, bonding experience for the high school family and we will all come away with a better appreciation of life on one of our Family Islands. Every student in the Bahamas should see the point where the Old World met the New World. A trip to San Salvador is, simply, a must.

Similar to last year, some fund-raising activities will defray some of the travel costs. Please, consider joining us on the field trip to San Salvador, in 2017!  

More details from Mr. Smith and Mrs. Seivright to come. Watch this space!


Tambearly Titans Trip to Spain and France, June 2017
Open to students and parents of the high school, Mr. Smith plans to lead a tour to France and Spain at the end of June, 2017.

With the aim of bringing to life the language and culture we have learned in the Foreign Language classroom, the trip will offer a taste of both countries at a price that represents excellent value.

Details will be finalized toward the end of the winter term, but the proposed itinerary would include nine overnights: 1 in Reykjavik, Iceland; 2 in Madrid, Spain; 2 in Barcelona, Spain; 1 in Canet Plage, France; 2 in Nimes, France and one in Lyon, France. 

The APPROXIMATE costs would be ABOUT $1000 for the return air fare from Nassau, and $50 per hotel night per person, based on double occupancy ($450). All inter-city travel would be by public transport (local bus, train) and is estimated at $350 per person. All other costs (food, drink, shopping) would be the concern of the individual. Some eat, drink and shop a lot! Some don’t. 

School fund-raising activities may enable some costs to be defrayed. Please let Mrs. Seivright or Mr. Smith know of your interest in this trip at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. Buen Viaje! Bon Voyage! Oruggur Ferd (Icelandic)!

The trip overview looks like this:
Day 1 – Fly from Nassau to Iceland.
Day 2 – Explore Reykjavik on foot. This island outpost has a population (350,000) similar to that of the Bahamas. It’s weather is not similar to that of the Bahamas!
Day 3 – Fly to Madrid. Hola, Espana!
Day 4 – Full day to explore the capital of Spain.
Day 5 – Train to Barcelona
Day 6 – Full day to explore Barcelona, including the Camp Nou.
Day 7 – Train to Perpignan, France. J’adore Departement 66! Local bus to the resort town of Canet Plage.
Day 8 –  Train to Nimes. 
Day 9 – A full day to explore the Roman remains of Nimes.
Day 10 – Train to Cannes, home of the famous film festival, then final night in France.
Day 11 – Flight back to Nassau from Nice, France