Our campus facilities allow us to offer many different activities and programs to further enrich student education and experience. 

Soccer Fields
Our glorious and sprawling soccer fields, home to the Tambearly Titans, frame our school grounds.

The Bassett Hall
Featuring a production stage and a special padded gymnasium floor, The Bassett Hall is our all-purpose athletics and performance facility.

Children learn turn-taking and fair play with equipment for all ages. 

4-Square Court
Fast-paced hand eye coordination happens daily at this popular break spot.

Swimming Pool
Swimming classes are part of the fun at Tambearly and are integrated into our Physical Education Program. After school swim club and classes are also offered for additional instruction. 

Senior Common Room
Seniors enjoy a common room equipped with sofas, ping-pong table and other games.  Prefects are in charge, with adult supervision, and are required to uphold the honour code at all times. 

Library & Resource Center
Students are provided with the latest technology and an extensive source of books for both research and pleasure reading.