Our unique atmosphere balances high expectations, rigor, and discipline with a sense of community and timeless values.

Thank you for your interest in Tambearly School and Tambearly High School!

Tambearly School, founded in 1985, is an independent preparatory school for students ranging from Pre-K and (Montessori) to 9th Grade. In 2016 we announced a four-year plan for the introduction of Tambearly High School as part of our thirtieth year celebrations. The 2017-2018 school year will see the addition of Grade 10, 2018-2019 Grade 11 followed by Grade 12 in 2019-2020.

Tambearly is a diverse, challenging and vibrant school. We value hard work, intellectual rigor, integrity, respect and the obligation to be polite and kind to everyone all the time. We are located on a beautiful four-acre campus in Sandyport, on the Western side of the island of New Providence in the Bahamas. See Map

We are a small school of 175 children from many countries as well as the Bahamas. Our class sizes seldom exceed sixteen and each class has a qualified teacher with a University degree (at least a Bachelor’s degree) and teaching certificate. 
Our teachers are from Canada, the U.S, Britain, the Bahamas, Switzerland and Columbia. We follow a U.S. curriculum supplemented with British, Canadian, and Bahamian material. High school students will have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses allowing them to earn credit for colleges and universities around the world. Our high school students will also graduate with an International Advanced High School Diploma.

The children are academically challenged in all subject areas. We maintain a family atmosphere: each child’s talents and needs are known by each member of staff. Parents are integral to various functions and we rely on their collaboration and partnership to provide a high caliber of education for the children.  

We have a wide curriculum covering English, math, science, geography, computer studies and history, as well as courses in Latin, Spanish, French, music, art, and physical education led by seasoned and talented teachers. We host an art show and two major stage productions (December & June) open to the public every year. We have staged such plays as Romeo and Juliet, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, Peter Pan, Annie, and Fiddler on the Roof, and Land of The Gentle People to name only a few.

Before work begins on the play, every child in the school reads the story (or has it read to them). Every child participates by being on the stage and gains tremendous confidence through being a part of the production. We have a Performing Arts Center - The Basset Hall, which can seat three hundred and fifty people equipped with a stage that can accommodate two hundred children. The art and music in each production is a culmination of the year's work and a reflection of the talent and discipline of the children.

Ultimately a school has less to do with the physical structure than its soul. Our unique atmosphere balances high expectations, rigor, and discipline with a sense of community and timeless values. An exemplary standard is expected. Gifted students with exceptional ability work with the teachers to reach goals they have never before experienced. Student achievement in all forms is celebrated. This is reflected in our weekly Friday assembly and prize giving each June.

We welcome any questions you may have!